The Olsen Canyon Project will provide local construction aggregate resources that are the foundation of our communities' strong, efficient and functional infrastructure1.

Surface Roads.

Surface Roads.

Public Utilities.

Public Utilities.

Freeway System.

Freeway System.

The Proposed Project will provide local jobs and boost the economy.

During the planning and construction phase, the project is expected to create more than 200 construction-related jobs.

Once the quarry is fully operational, it is estimated to create and maintain 145 mining related jobs (e.g. plant managers, foremans, material salespeople and drivers), as well as in supporting roles in accounting, business administration, information technology, etc., on an annual basis.

The average salary for workers at construction aggregate quarries in Riverside County is nearly $70,000 a year2, compared to a $49,4013 average salary for all sectors in the county.

Ancillary Benefits. The economic ripple effects from the project on the local economy total nearly $49 million during the planning and construction phase, plus $40 million annually while the plant is operational.

Sales Tax Revenue. In the development phase of the project, the purchase of equipment and supplies is estimated to result in generating $3.6 million in sales tax, with approximately $1.1 million remaining in the county.

After the Olsen Canyon Project reaches full capacity, the sale of construction aggregate, concrete and asphalt will generate $2.4 million in annual sales taxes, with almost $800,000 remaining in the county, annually.

Property Tax. With the improvements to the property and increased value from entitlements, the Olsen Canyon Project will provide approximately $750,000 in annual property taxes to the County.


The Olsen Canyon project is designed to be sustainable and adopt the highest environmental standards required.

The project area will implement a robust landscaping plan to screen equipment and daily operational activities.  In addition, only recycled water will be used for production activities and only equipment that meats the highest environmental standards available will be used.  Material deliveries will also be targeted during non-rush hour time frames and areas on-site will be dedicated for permanent conservation.

This project will establish conservation lands.

The goal of the proposed Olsen Canyon Project is to be compatible with the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP).

Areas within the site will be placed into permanent conservation. Additional areas located off-site will also be placed in permanent conservation.

We need to alleviate the local construction aggregate shortage and increase the supply of well-paying jobs. Additional local aggregate resources will ensure our infrastructure is safe and strong, and will provide local jobs to our community. The proposed Olsen Canyon Project’s rock quarry will provide the aggregate resources and jobs our region needs.

An application for a Surface Mining Permit was submitted to the County of Riverside on November 6, 2015.

Updates on the status of this project will be provided on the News & Events page of this website. Read More →


The proposed Olsen Canyon Project is located on approximately 422 acres east of Interstate 15, north of Dawson Canyon Road and directly west of the El Sobrante Landfill, in an unincorporated area of Riverside County, CA, in the area of 8 other existing construction aggregate quarries. 

Activities will occur on approximately half of the property, while placing the remaining area, and additional off-site lands, into permanent conservation.

"Urbanization in the Temescal Valley Production Area is occurring at a rapid pace. Consequently, it is important that land-use decisions be made recognizing the presence and importance of local aggregate resources to both Riverside County and the southern California region."
- Executive Summary, Special Report 231, California Geological Survey, 2014.


This location was selected for the proposed project because it has been classified by the California Geological Survey (CGS) as being a critical construction aggregate resource.

Other quarries in the valley are located in areas that have also been classified by the CGS.


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